FreeDem Films aim to increase public and professional awareness around the important issues of memory loss and brain health while at the same time tackle the stigma and fear that can accompany a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and dementia in later life. Each film addresses a question relating to brain health or dementia that older people identified as important. While designed and scripted to be entertaining and engaging, each film is informed by and grounded in science and clinical evidence. We hope that you enjoy your FreeDem Films experience and share the films with your family and friends. 'The FreeDem Living Team'

FreeDem Films were developed with financial support from GENIO by Sabina Brennan of Trinity College, Dublin and Trinity Brain Health.

If you would like to use the films as an educational resource please visit our resource page to download a free copyright license

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Trinity Brain Health specialises in translating complex concepts and challenging material into easy-to-understand practical information. The aim is to empower through entertainment. If you have an idea for a film or would like to support the development of future films please contact Sabina Brennan at brennas1@tcd.ie



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